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An Ode to a Titan Arum Part II: Wee Stinky

wee stinky

Photo: Kirsten Kurtz

Marla Coppolino, a frequent visitor to the Conservatory, has penned a follow-up to her An Ode to a Titan Arum: Wee Stinky:

You did it! You delivered! You didn’t let us down
Your blossom unfurled right on time, like a dazzling gown

Your volatiles overwhelmed our olfactory sense
And seeped into our clothing fibers like a pungent incense

Revolting stink, like rotting flesh in stages of decay
Or a garbage truck overturned on a torrid day

Putrid, foul, fetor, funk, your stinky stench did reek
So strong that someone phoned 911 to report a gas leak

However stinky, we were awed by your spadix standing tall
Your inner spathe’s burgundy elegance overcame us all

We love you, Wee Stinky, even after your great spadix’s last sigh
Should anyone dislike you, we’ll give them the ol’ stink eye!

©2018 Marla Coppolino

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