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Wee Stinky getting close

Wee Stinky at 85 inches December 13

Wee Stinky at 85 inches December 13

Wee Stinky stood 87 inches this morning, equaling its height last time it bloomed in 2016.

When exactly will Wee Stinky bloom? We’re never exactly sure until late in the day when its spathe finally unfurls.  But it appears that the Titan arum will win the race to release its stench before the Cornell campus closes for the holidays.

Horticulture graduate student Zachary Stansell helpfully charted Wee Stinky’s growth since it broke dormancy through Wednesday (below).  It shows graphically what our growth chart has been telling us lately.  The plant’s exponential growth has slowed, indicating the bloom should come in the next few days.

wee stinky growth graph

You can keep tabs on progress via the livestream, or sign up for email updates and we’ll let you know when bloom is imminent and what the extended hours to visit will be.

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